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Gill Louise Buchanan et al.

Eur Heart J.



Despite the increasing proportion of female medical and nursing students, there is still a significant under-representation of women working as healthcare providers in interventional cardiology, with very few of them reaching senior leadership, academic positions, or acting principal investigators, as well as actively involved in company advisory boards. In this position paper, we will describe the current status of women working in interventional cardiology across Europe. We will also provide an overview of the most relevant determinants of the under-representation of women at each stage of the interventional cardiology career path and offer practical suggestions for overcoming these challenges.


Interventional cardiology; Sex; Women.

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Conflict of Interest Dr Buchanan declares travel support from Menarini. Dr Paradies declares consulting, advisory board and speaker fees from Abbott and Boston Scientific and research grant to the institution from Abbott. Dr Karam declares consulting, speaker and advisoryboard fees from Abbott, Medtronic and Edwards. Dr Holmvang declares speaker fees from Bayer. Dr Morice declares to be CEO andshare holder of CERC, a CRO not involved in the publication, and to be minor shareholder of ELECRODUCER. Dr Manzo-Silberman declares consulting and speaker fees for Bayer, Organon, Exeltis, Biotronik, Organon and BMS. Dr Petronio declares consulting and speaker fees from Boston and Abbott and from Medtronic to the Institution. Dr Mauri declares to be share holder of CERC, a CRO notinvolved in the publication. Dr Mehilli declares speaker fees from Daiichi Sankyo, Biotronik, Astra Zeneca, BMS and SIS Medical. Dr Barbato declares speaker’s fees and travel grants from the following companies: BSCI, Abbott, Insight Lifetech, MicroPort. Dr Chieffo declares speaker/consulting fees from Abiomed, Boston Scientific, Biosensor, Menarini, Medtronic and Shock Wave Medical. The other authors declare no conflict of interest related to this article.


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Overcoming professional barriers encountered by women in interventional cardiology: an EAPCI statement

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