Ms. Tasnuva Rahman | Chronic venous disease | Women Researcher Award

Ms. Tasnuva Rahman | Chronic venous disease | Women Researcher Award

Helsinki University Hospital, Finland

Ms. Tasnuva Rahman is a dedicated healthcare professional affiliated with Helsinki University Hospital in Finland. Specializing in Chronic Venous Disease (CVD), she brings expertise in the diagnosis and management of venous circulatory disorders. Ms. Rahman is committed to providing comprehensive care for individuals with chronic venous conditions, contributing to advancements in vascular health. Her role involves a holistic approach to patient well-being, emphasizing both treatment and preventive measures. Ms. Rahman’s dedication to improving the lives of those affected by Chronic Venous Disease positions her as a valuable asset in the field of vascular health at Helsinki University Hospital.

Professional Profile


Embarking on a journey in the realm of medicine, Ms. Tasnuva Rahman is currently a medical student in Finland. 🩺 Her academic pursuit reflects a commitment to the rigorous training required to become a proficient healthcare professional. 📚 Focused on acquiring both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, Ms. Rahman’s academic journey is marked by a passion for contributing to the field of medicine. 💉 As a student at the medical school in Finland, she embraces the challenges and opportunities that come with shaping a future dedicated to the well-being of others. 🌟

Work Experience

Ms. Tasnuva Rahman’s journey in healthcare is marked by diverse and enriching experiences. Commencing with roles at Mehiläinen Töölö in 2018, Raahe Healthcare Center and Hospital in 2020, and Kempele Healthcare Center in 2022, she has cultivated a comprehensive understanding of medical practices. 👩‍⚕️ Her involvement in various departments, including Operating Theater Practice, Surgical Emergency, and Internal Medicine, at Oulu University Central Hospital showcases her versatility and commitment to hands-on learning. 🏥 Ms. Rahman’s dedication extends to vascular surgery training, highlighting her focus on specialized medical fields. Her upcoming stint at the Psychiatric Ward at Helsinki University Central Hospital in 2023 further exemplifies her commitment to holistic patient care. 🌟

Publications top noted:
Randomized controlled trial comparing immediate and delayed treatment of varicose veins following mechanochemical ablation