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Prof. Jeanette Woolard | Hypertension | Best Researcher Award

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Prof. Jeanette Woolard, based at the University of Nottingham in the UK, is a distinguished expert in the field of Hypertension. With a notable academic career, Prof. Woolard has made significant contributions to hypertension research, advancing our understanding of cardiovascular health. Her work extends to both scholarly pursuits and practical applications in the field. As a respected figure in hypertension studies, Prof. Woolard continues to shape the landscape of cardiovascular research through her expertise, dedication, and commitment to improving health outcomes related to hypertension. Her influence extends beyond academia, positively impacting the broader medical community.

Professional Profile


Prof. Jeanette Woolard, is a distinguished scholar with a robust academic background. She earned her Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Physiology from the University of Nottingham, UK (1999-2002), showcasing her dedication to advancing medical knowledge. 🎓 Prior to this, she pursued an MSc in Cardiovascular Pharmacology at Queen’s University, Canada (1997-1999), honing her expertise in cardiovascular health. 🍁 Her academic journey began with a stellar BSc (Hons) in Life Sciences (Class I) at Queen’s University, Canada (1993-1997), setting the stage for a prolific career. Dr. [Name]’s academic milestones underscore her commitment to excellence in pharmacology and physiology. ✨

Honours and Awards

Prof. Jeanette Woolard, a trailblazing figure, has garnered significant recognition for her contributions to pharmacology and academia. In 2022, she received the prestigious Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Prize from the British Pharmacological Society, sponsored by AstraZeneca, highlighting her commitment to promoting a diverse and inclusive scientific community. 🌐 Her accomplishments led to a Fellowship with the British Pharmacological Society in 2020, and she was honored with the University of Nottingham’s Vice Chancellor’s Award in the same year, acknowledging her outstanding contribution to Team Science. 🏆 Prof. Woolard’s dedication to teaching was recognized with the 2019 Staff Oscar Teaching Award for being the best dissertation supervisor. 🎓 Additionally, her influential work earned her the Bill Bowman Prize Lectureship in 2018, one of the British Pharmacological Society’s prestigious awards based on published work and a compelling lecture synopsis. 🏅


Prof. Jeanette Woolard’s impactful contributions extend to groundbreaking research in the field of cardiac and cardiovascular disease. In collaboration with a team, she co-authored a significant patent titled “Novel ether linked compounds and improved treatments for cardiac and cardiovascular disease” at the University of Nottingham, UK. 🌐 The patent, documented under US20140094493 A1 (2014), WO2012104659A1 (2012), and EP2670734A1 (2013), underscores her commitment to advancing treatments in cardiovascular health. 🩺 This innovative work not only reflects her expertise in the domain but also positions Prof. Woolard as a key figure in the quest for novel therapeutic approaches to address cardiac and cardiovascular challenges. 🏅

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Prof. Jeanette Woolard | Hypertension | Best Researcher Award

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