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Prof Dr. Saloua Kouass Sahbani | Radioprotection | Best Researcher Award

Taibah University, Saudi Arabia

Prof. Dr. Saloua Kouass Sahbani is a distinguished figure at Taibah University in Saudi Arabia, specializing in Radioprotection. With extensive expertise in the field, she contributes significantly to the advancement of radiation protection measures. Dr. Sahbani’s research and academic pursuits reflect a commitment to ensuring safety in radiological applications. Her work at Taibah University underscores her dedication to educating and guiding future professionals in radioprotection, making her a key contributor to the academic and scientific community in Saudi Arabia.

Professional Profile


Prof. Dr. Saloua Kouass Sahbani, an accomplished scholar, holds a Ph.D. in Radiation Science and Biomedical Imaging from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Sherbrooke. 🎓 Additionally, another Ph.D. in Biology Chemistry and Molecular Biology, from the Faculty of Sciences in Bizerte, University of Carthage, showcases the breadth of expertise. Complementing these achievements, a Master’s in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the same faculty underscores dedication to molecular sciences. 🧬 The academic journey began with a Bachelor’s in Life Sciences and Earth from the Faculty of Sciences in Bizerte, University of Carthage, laying a robust foundation for subsequent achievements in the realms of biochemistry, molecular biology, and radiation science. 🌐


Engaging in a diverse educational journey, I pursued Oncology, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Microbiology, Pharmacology, Nursing, Healthcare Informatics, and Fundamental Nutrition and Diet Therapy at Taibah University, Saudi Arabia. 🏫 These specialized fields at Taibah University have provided a comprehensive foundation in healthcare, ranging from the intricacies of oncology to the fundamentals of nutrition. 🩺 The pursuit of knowledge in medical biochemistry, microbiology, and pharmacology reflects a commitment to understanding the core aspects of medical sciences. 💉 The incorporation of nursing and healthcare informatics enriches my perspective on patient care and the integration of technology in the healthcare domain. 🌐

Research experience

As a Master’s supervisor in the realm of Professional Master’s programs, I bring a wealth of experience and guidance to aspiring scholars. 🎓 My role involves nurturing and mentoring students through their academic journey, fostering a dynamic learning environment. 🌟 In this capacity, I am dedicated to cultivating the next generation of professionals, providing insights and support in their pursuit of advanced degrees. My commitment extends beyond academic supervision to encompass professional development, ensuring that each student under my guidance is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their chosen field. 🚀 Together, we embark on a transformative academic and professional voyage.


In my diverse pursuits, I prioritize an active lifestyle with a focus on weightlifting and running, where I am a self-trained, passionate runner achieving personal bests like 44 minutes and 54 seconds in a 10-kilometer marathon. 🏃‍♂️ The joy and tranquility running brings me are unparalleled. Reading has been a lifelong passion, especially delving into thrilling horror genres and, more recently, exploring Roman and Greek philosophy. 📚 Lastly, my journey into the world of singing began in 2022, under a professional tutor. 🎶 The universality of music fascinates me, and I find solace in classical tunes, with “Always” by Bon Jovi holding a special place in my repertoire.


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Prof Dr. Saloua Kouass Sahbani | Radioprotection | Best Researcher Award

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