Dr. Sutap Yadav | Interventional cardiology | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Sutap Yadav | Interventional cardiology | Best Researcher Award

Narayani Hospital, Nepal

Dr. Sutap Yadav is a highly accomplished medical professional with a rich academic journey. He earned his MBBS and MD in Internal Medicine, showcasing a strong foundation in medical care. Driven by a passion for cardiology, he pursued and successfully attained a Doctorate of Medicine (DM) in Cardiology with a specialization in interventional cardiology at the prestigious Institute of Medicine (IOM). Dr. Yadav’s expertise spans across internal medicine and cardiology, reflecting a commitment to advanced medical knowledge. His academic achievements underscore a dedication to providing specialized and comprehensive care, particularly in the critical realm of interventional cardiology.

Professional Profile


Dr. Sutap Yadav, a distinguished cardiologist, completed a rigorous three-year DM Residency program in Cardiology, specializing in noninvasive cardiology and basic interventions in cath lab settings at Manmohan Cardio Thoracic Vascular and Transplant Centre (MCVTC), Institute of Medicine (IOM), Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu, from June 2020 to June 2023. 🩺 His educational journey includes achieving an MD from Kathmandu Medical College and an MBBS from Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, graduating in First Division in all university exams. 🏥 Dr. Yadav’s academic prowess extends to his Higher Secondary and School Leaving Certificate, highlighting consistent excellence. 👨‍⚕️

Work Experience

Dr. Sutap Yadav, a dedicated medical professional, has been serving as a Consultant DM Cardiologist at Narayani Hospital, Chhapkaiya-2, Birgunj, Nepal, since August 2023. 🏥 He successfully completed a three-year DM Program in Cardiology, including a thesis on the relationship between Myocardial Performance Index (Tei Index) and angiographic severity of coronary artery disease in patients with ST elevation Myocardial Infarction at MCVTC, IOM, Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu. 👨‍⚕️ Dr. Yadav has a rich academic background, including a Lecturer role in Internal Medicine at KUSMS and MD Residency in Internal Medicine at Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital. His diverse experiences encompass roles as a Medical Officer in Intensive Care Units. 💼

Training and Workshops

Dr. Sutap Yadav actively engages in professional development, enhancing his expertise. In September 2019, he participated in a Musculoskeletal Ultrasonology Workshop organized by the Nepal Rheumatology Association. 🌐 His commitment to staying at the forefront of medical advancements is evident in his attendance at various symposiums and workshops, including those focused on EEG, Spirometry training, Diabetes, and Respiratory Failure. Dr. Yadav’s continuous pursuit of knowledge, demonstrated through these experiences, showcases his dedication to providing the latest and best medical care to his patients. 👨‍⚕️📚

Publications top noted:

Introduction of HeartBeat Excellence Award

Introduction of HeartBeat Excellence Award

Welcome to the prestigious HeartBeat Excellence Award, celebrating outstanding contributions and innovation in the realm of cardiology and cardiovascular medicine. This esteemed award seeks to honor individuals who have demonstrated unparalleled excellence, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making profound impacts on the cardiovascular field.

Award Eligibility: The HeartBeat Excellence Award is open to professionals, researchers, and practitioners in the field of cardiology worldwide. Eligible candidates include those who have significantly contributed to advancements in cardiovascular medicine, irrespective of age or affiliation.

Qualification and Publications: Candidates should possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in cardiology and should have made noteworthy contributions through research, publications, or innovative practices.

Evaluation Criteria: The award selection is based on the candidate’s demonstrated impact on the field, the originality of research, and the significance of contributions to cardiovascular science and medicine.

Submission Guidelines: Candidates are invited to submit a detailed biography, an abstract of their work, and supporting files showcasing their contributions to the field. Submissions should be made in accordance with the outlined guidelines on our official platform.

Recognition: Recipients of the HeartBeat Excellence Award will receive a prestigious trophy, a certificate of recognition, and widespread acknowledgment in the cardiovascular community.

Community Impact: This award not only celebrates individual achievements but also aims to inspire and uplift the entire cardiovascular community, fostering a culture of continuous innovation and excellence.

Biography, Abstract, and Supporting Files: The biography should highlight the candidate’s professional journey and contributions. The abstract should provide a succinct overview of the work, while supporting files should include relevant publications, research findings, or any other materials that showcase the impact of the candidate’s work.